As mentioned in one of my earlier post, I am having to work on XHTML and CSS lately and because this was not really one of my best skills, I end up spending a lot of time reading about it and while I was doing that today, I got to this page (yes I am getting my hands dirty with Ext lately and using ColdExt as well, which by the way, simply rocks! ) . I have been using Firefox and Firebug all the time and I was not aware that there are tools that let you debug in IE as well, which, even if you dont like, you have to do.

So, I just thought I post about it here as this is a useful set of tools for any web developer. This is just an excert from the URL above.

Probably one of the best tool combinations for debugging your application is to use the Mozilla Firefox browser with the Firebug addon and optionally the Web Developer addon. Another very useful tool is Venkman – the JS debugger.

If you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer you can try out the Microsoft Developer Toolbar plugin. There is also the DebugBar which is free for personal use.

For the Opera browser you can use the Opera Developer Tools or the alternative Web Developer Toolbar & Menu for Opera.

Safari users can use the Web Inspector to get an overview of the page or enable Debug menu in the browser.


3 Responses to Options for debugging JavaScript, (X)HTML and CSS

  1. Rand says:

    Excellent information. I didn’t know about DebugBar. Definitely have to bookmark this page.


  2. radek says:

    if you’re using IE8 you can use new dev tools from Microsoft. they rock. You can always enable IE7 compatibility.

  3. Anuj Gakhar says:

    Good to see you back Radek. I havent tried IE8 yet as it still in Beta. But I might do…thanks.

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