Upgraded to WordPress 2.6

On July 17, 2008, in Miscellaneous, by Anuj Gakhar

I have just upgraded this blog to the latest version of WordPress (version 2.6). There are a couple useful features introduced in this release. A full list can be found here.

The 2 most important features are integration with Google Gears and Theme Preview. Theme Preview is actually a big one for me, because before now, you really had to just activate a theme and hope that it would work.  That has changed now and you can now preview your new theme before your audience does.

Integration with Gears, I beleive, is minimal at the moment, as it just saves a local copy of all the JS and CSS files used and nothing more, but its a very good first step and I am sure future versions will have extended integration.

Update: I actually forgot to write about another very important feature. 2.6 has now got post revisions. That’s very useful, everytime I hit Save, it maintains a separate version of the post. Would be very handy when I make mistakes while writing and can easily switch back to last known good versions.

Well, during the installation, I did run into one little issue. I used the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin to do the upgrade and it kinda broke just before it was to re-activate my plugins. For some reason, the file wp-load.php wasnt copied in the whole process. I did check my permissions and they were all fine.
I simply had to download the installation manually and extract wp-load.php and put it in the right location on the server. That did the trick. I was back up and running after that. Apart from that, a pretty neat upgrade! I am still a happy WordPress user!


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