FLVPlay 1.10 out now

On August 1, 2008, in AIR, by Anuj Gakhar

I have just been informed that a new version of the FLVPlay AIR application which has been quite popular on Apple Downloads and Adobe AIR Marketplace has just been released. For those who are not aware, FLVPlay is an Adobe AIR application that lets you search and watch Youtube videos right on your desktop.

The new version has the following improvements :-

  • fullscreen playback mode
  • drag and drop: you can drag flv from desktop to app and drop it there to begin playback
  • local flv playback
  • improved player controls, you can click on progress bar to rewind, and fast forward
  • improved search engine
  • you tube url video fetch
  • standard you tube feeds like “Most popular”, most discussed etc
  • nice tweens of list and player
  • true sound equalizer bars
  • SQLite powered video cache to speed up application
  • general improvements in the UI design and layout

Here are some screenshots.






2 Responses to FLVPlay 1.10 out now

  1. Chris Holmes says:

    We are impressed. But what is really missing here is the favourites. Anyway, I will have an eye on the evolution of this application.

  2. Thanks, we will add this to next release’s feature list.

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