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On January 18, 2009, in Javascript, by Anuj Gakhar

I have used several Javascript libraries in the past (including ExtJS, jQuery etc) and they are all pretty good in what they do. Recently, I got a chance to look into the Dojo AJAX JavaScript Toolkit and from the looks of it, it appears to be a promising and impressive toolkit. Here is a little bit of what Dojo is :-

Dojo is arguably the most feature-packed Ajax toolkit available today, with a wide variety of functionality. It can be used sparsely to just add effects or styling to your web page, or it can be used for complex layouts, caching data stores, and interactive 2D graphics—the choice is yours. This book aims to give an overview of all major aspects of Dojo while at the same time giving lots of examples to copy for your own studies and websites.

I will be following this book from Packt Publishing “Learning Dojo” that teaches to create powerful and dynamic websites using the Dojo AJAX JavaScript Toolkit. The book includes some useful and practical information which is sumarized below:-

  • Learn tips and tricks in JavaScript that will help you get better at coding in Dojo
  • Explore Dijits (Dojo Widgets) with examples so that you can write your own Dijits
  • Serialize, automatically validate, and convert entered content with forms and layouts
  • Organize different kinds of data in the same Dijit using dojo.data for a better look and feel to your website
  • Animate your content using dojo.fx to give your pages a dynamic look and feel
  • Use closures and Dojo’s Class-based OO system underlying all widgets and features
  • Use powerful formatting for Dates and Currencies between locales
  • Understand Dojo’s event system, for classical browser events, function ‘advice’, and Dojo’s publish/subscribe message bus
  • Learn to create dynamic Tree widgets using data sources, custom styling, and even drag and drop
  • Create custom widgets and reusable components that use all of Dojo’s advanced layout managers and widgets
  • Learn to write custom PHP services to feed data to Dojo’s client-side data- driven components

I will be reading this book and posting my reviews of the book and its chapters here, as and when I read them.

Its never too bad to have another toolkit under your belt.

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