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On March 20, 2009, in Browsers, by Anuj Gakhar

So, Internet Explorer 8  finally got released yesterday after months of testing and I dont quite know how to react to that.  As a developer, its always a bit worrying the number of browsers we have to support these days. To be honest, I am not worried about supporting Mozilla etc but supporting all of IE6, IE7 and IE8 all at the same time is a bit too much I think. It would be a lot better if IE6 just stopped to exist 🙂 . That would solve so many problems for so many developers.

Anyways, I installed IE8 this morning and the first thing I did (being very nervous) was opened the app I am working on these days, in IE8. And to my delight, I only could notice about 4 things to be fixed which were simple alignment issues. I havent tried fixing them yet but I am glad I didnt find anything major. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyone else had any major compatibility problems with IE8 yet ? And what are your thoughts on whether to try and upgrade your existing sites to work well with IE8? I think we are going to have to do it sooner or later, anyways.


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  1. When I was using the beta of IE8, I noticed a few box-related issues (margins, paddings, etc.) across some sites. What I thought was interesting was the ability to make IE8 act as IE7 (there was a button near the Address Bar for this). I definitely saw glitches but wasn’t as bad as I thought between the two (7 & 8),

  2. Anuj Gakhar says:

    @Craig, yes , the compatibility view is cool. You can immediaetly see if the problem is IE8 specific or not by switching to it. And I would agree, it doesnt look as bad to me as well.

  3. Dev says:

    I have abandoned the IE family at all, I really want this horrible product disappear on the Internet. So join us to isolate those obsolete users from viewing our sites with the antiquated Insane Explorer.

  4. Dirk King says:

    I installed ie8. Seemed to work fine at first with Google and Microsoft, but when I went to use for daily use, I found that it loaded few websites. It just sits there in new tabs waiting for something. Finally it abandons the window and opens the waiting tabs in another window. It fails with most of my favorite web sites. I uninstalled after about ten minutes. I have been playing with firefox and now Microsoft has convinced me to abandon the whole ie platform. Vista – strike 1, ie8 – strike 2 . . . What’s microsoft going to break next?

    Avoid ie8 like the plague!

  5. Gino says:

    download IE8 and the thing CRASHED thats all it did nothing but crash for the first 5 minutes it work then it went nuts so it got THE BOOT good thing is easy to delete it no problems there but Microsoft needs to fix it after one year waiting and it does not work come on

  6. Bobbie says:

    I am not a developer. I would love an answer to this one question ~ Is IE8 going to install itself automatically? I don’t want it because I have a brand new computer and don’t want MSIE8 to kill it. Should I turn auto updates off? Thanks for your help.

  7. Bobbie says:

    Anuj ~ Thanks so much for the answer.

  8. Manish Verma says:

    I am not able to track the behaviour of IE -8 Properly.This is with respect to Flex based J2EE application.I get issues like access denied (not expected)which works perfectly fine with firefox browser and which is in synch with the expected behaviour.This issue I have seen while using AMF channels for Flex using remote objects.Otherwise the interface is much better in IE8 in comparison in IE7.Another aspect that is worrying is J2EE authentication with IE8 this is again not consistent.It may or may not fire.
    It would be nice if you could share your though as well and validate my understanding.

  9. Anuj Gakhar says:

    @Manish, To be honest, I havent yet tried any of my Flex apps in IE8. So I am not in a position to answer this question. Maybe one of the readers has a better explanation for you.

  10. Shamesh says:

    Hahaha with IE8 release comes new issues and bugs.. I am fade of IE and it’s version. I still remember the days i had to see workaround for IE7 compabilities.. now it’s IE8…

  11. muthu says:

    hi i am dotnet developer,in my site they are several lookup and popup windows,they are working nice in ie6,ie7 in ie8 they are overlapped,and entire design will be changed,so we are work once again

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