Book Give-away : PhoneGap Beginner’s Guide

On November 23, 2011, in Mobile, Books, by Anuj Gakhar

Book Give-away

Hold a chance to win free copy of the PhoneGap Beginner’s Guide, just by commenting! For the contest I have 2 copies of PhoneGap Beginner’s Guide, to be given away to 2 lucky winners.

How you can win

To win your copy of this book, all you need to do is come up with a comment below highlighting the reason “why you would like to win this book”.

Duration of the contest & selection of winners

The contest is valid till 10th December, 2011 and is open to everyone. Winners will be selected on the basis of their comment posted (or at random, whichever suitable).

About the Book

PhoneGap Beginner’s Guide is written by Andrew Lunny, who is a part of the official PhoneGap team. With this book, one can learn how to develop cross-platform code for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and more such platforms while mastering new HTML5 and CSS3 APIs.

The book shows how through a single application the user can tap into multiple platforms at once using existing web development skills instead of learning a different new environment each time. The guide will help readers in building complex applications through learning the APIs and development process of the PhoneGap framework.

The book features learning techniques that will enable users to manage code that target multiple mobile platforms, use new HTML5 and CSS3 APIs to create responsive interactions, use PhoneGap APIs to integrate with native functionality such as device sensors, contacts and cameras. It also tips users on using web development skills with native code to create installable web-apps that sync with remote servers. With this guide, plugging in to the PhoneGap i.e. adding functionality to the framework with custom native codes becomes possible.

You can read more about the book on my book review. So, all you have to do is leave your comments and  you could be sent this book for free.

Update :  I’ve got a unique discount code: packt18books (discount of 18%) for the entire Packt portfolio applicable to both print and e-books and available exclusively to the visitors of this blog. This discount is valid till 31st December, 2011. So, feel free to use this discount code in addition to the book give-away.

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51 Responses to Book Give-away : PhoneGap Beginner’s Guide

  1. Lee says:

    I’ve tried a few Phonegap tutorials so far, but none have really gone so far as to cover things like accessing the Camera on a device and such like. Your review in the previous post has speaked my interest in Phonegap once more, so I’d like to win a copy so my interest can be converted into actually doing (for a change!) 🙂

  2. Pat says:

    I think PhoneGap is a very good concept to build one and deploy to many devices. Any web developer who know jQuery and other frameworks can create native apps.

  3. Darryl says:

    Been reading about PhoneGap recently and would like to learn more about using it in mobile development and this book would be a great Beginner’s Guide.

  4. WilGeno says:

    I’ve been hearing this “Buzzzz”, PhoneGap. Sounds interesting. I’ve been needing to get into mobile device dev for a while. There’s a couple little CF related open source projects I’d like to start, but they all have mobile front ends as one of their interfaces. I think this may be helpful in getting me there.

  5. Daniel Garcia says:

    I am a CF Developer and am also interested in creating apps for mobile devices. I’ve briefly looked at Sencha and PhoneGap, and was even considering trying to do something with jQuery Mobile, but with Adobe acquiring PhoneGap, that seems a more interesting choice. I would like to win a copy to help jumpstart me on using PhoneGap. Thank you.

  6. Kyle Dodge says:

    I need this book because I have been spending all of my time ramping up on Flex and AIR compiling to iOS and Android. With the latest Adobe news, I see I need to branch out and learn Phonegap as well…. both to try something different to compare AIR to, and also just in case Flex becomes stagnant living in the Apache Foundation (which i hope is not the case).

  7. Justin Scott says:

    I would like to win because I have some potential mobile application development in my future and I keep hearing that PhoneGap is one of the best solutions for moving existing skills for the web into native mobile applications. Winning this book would provide a nice jump-start to those efforts and allow new applications to be born.

  8. I’ve been spending the past year working on a front-end framework for Flash that fills in the features that Actionscript is missing, but HTML5 and CSS3 have. Unfortunately that only helps Flash programs, and I’d like to create an HTML5/CSS3 version of the framework that meets flash in the middle. This book would be a perfect motivator to undertaking this big conversion, and making a non-Flash framework that wouldn’t feel like a step down from Actionscript.

  9. Passionate Programmer says:

    Using this book could be a stepping stone for me to move into an area that am completely new to, and at the same time am interested in. If I win, I would definitely like to try my hand at building some apps that have only been thinking about for sometime now.

  10. Michael Mongeau says:

    HTML5/Javascript is the future, and the ability to write once and deploy on multiple platforms is something I want to learn about.

  11. Phil Millard says:

    Phonegap is a definite for me to try. I am just getting into mobile development and the ease of designing once and deploying on all platforms seems a no brainier.

  12. Jens Joseph says:

    I’ve built mobile Applications for iPhone and Android by using their SDKs. For the devices left tried to deploy a html based “mini” site. I hope to get with this book a complete “hitchhiker’s” guide to the world of one-source-many-device-development.

  13. David Mead says:

    I’ve got four app ideas that I would like to work on, two of which will probably be useful to more than just me. A head start into Phonegap would be really useful. Thanks!

  14. aminho says:

    Ha !

    Of course I would like to read more about how Jerusalem artichokes were discovered and some recipes for ideas on how to cook them.

    No, seriously, I didn’t have the time to dive into this PhoneGap thing and a book would be the best way since I love reading !


  15. We are entering the mobile application field and are about to launch the new service in January. It would be great to have this book to learn how to use PhoneGap which may shorten the amount of time it takes to create mobile applications.

  16. Osama Alagha says:

    Because i want to develop quickly and i will be lucky to distribute to multiple platforms at once. The main reason is because tge author is one of the team of phonegab of course 😀 .

  17. Snorre Edwin says:

    I worked with PhoneGap this summer at my summerinternship. That was while it was still in beta. I see now that I have alot to learn and would really become a phonegap expert for when I return to my summerinternship next year! This can really help me get there!

  18. Alejandro says:

    I would like to have this book because I´m the CTO of a IT Training Company based in Mexico City and we are looking for some support for this course.

  19. Jason Schmidt says:

    I would like to win the book so I can dev for basically every OS out there. Thank you.

  20. Elie says:

    Would love to get that book 🙂

  21. I’m a 14 years old web application developer and designer who uses Phonegap to create iphone versions of my webapps like URL-shortener and file sharing service, my E-learning platform LifeSchool and others. I have published a Latin-Dutch dictionary to the app store (build with Phonegap) which is downloaded over 5000 times in less than two months. Currently my apps don’t use a lot of the features of the Phonegap API’s, but I want to use them and this book would be my guide.

  22. Magnus says:

    I’ve been following PhoneGap for a while but haven’t yet tried it out. I book like this one would be a perfect opportunity to dive in and start working with PhoneGap. I’ll be a beginner at PhoneGap so a beginner’s book sounds perfect.

  23. David Toltesy says:

    I wan’t to enter to the mobile app development and as I heard, the PhoneGap is one of the best tools. It would be nice to get a book for beginners and start to learn use it.

  24. William F says:

    Creating a mobile HTML5 web site is one thing… getting it to the app market is a must. This book would give me a foundation and jump start using PhoneGap

  25. I love the cover of the book. The tree full of snow. Sitting in a warm room, coding some JS or CSS stuff, watching aug of the window and seeing this tree!

  26. Péter Varga says:

    Something like PhoneGap was very badly needed and I applaud its determination to stay with the standards as much as possible (in contrast to f.e. Titanium).

    At the company I work at, there are separate teams for developing the very same mobile app for Windows Mobile, iOS, Palm, and Android… and I came up some time ago with the idea of developing a cross-platform framework instead and then using it to implement the app. My reasoning was that even this way, we would be ready with everything in half the time… But it was scrapped… But now I would like to introduce them to PhoneGap which did it and did it quite perfectly..

  27. I want a copy of the book to increase my knowledge base in phonegap and start to communicate to others trough training and workshops sessions.

  28. Gem says:

    I am a girl geek and a designer. I have worked on designs for several mobile app projects but only ever to the design stage. I think that with phonegap I will be able to take my own ideas and creations and make them into living applications that other people can enjoy. I think with the help of this book I will be able to brake the bonds that hold me only in photoshop and let me run free in the code.

  29. Stephane says:

    I’m a french software engineer and i’m working on mobile apps.
    Phonegap could be a great opportunity for my enterprise to reduce cost and time!
    So with this book i’ll be able to understand PhoneGap faster and create more efficient mobile apps.

  30. This book would make an excellent edition to my bookshelf, I don’t have many books at the time of writing this reply. I think I could also use it to hold the door open to my bedroom or use it as a small stand for my 2 year old to brush her teeth.

    Another good reason to win this book would be to beat my co-worker over the head with it as he is a mobile developer for our team but only wants to program in MonoTouch. pffft.

    Nah but seriously, it’s most probably a digital version of the book. I personally think that this book would be better given to someone who really deserves it yet is unable to afford it, like a student, I prefer to buy all mine and claim it on tax. Oh yeah, also, buying a book helps support the author. 😉

  31. Prinzhorn says:

    I would like to win this book in order to read it 😀

  32. Arlo Carreon says:

    PhoneGap is a big part of our mobile app development future. I want to be a part of it and fully take advantage of it’s flexibilty.

  33. Giorgio says:

    I’m a freelance web designer from Italy. When the app store was launched my dream was to was to develop applications for this platform, but I found the iOS sdk hard to understand for a programming newcomer like me. When I heard that a bridge was released for the iOS sdk and that was accepted from Apple one year ago, I started using this platform and loving it. I made a simple game and a calculator, but I didn’t manage to finish because of the lack of compatibility from slower devices like mine. Now with the newer phones I’m ready to start working again, and I’m sure this book will brush up my phonegap knowledge and also it will introduce me to the newer features in iOS4 and iOS5.

  34. @DevWithTheHair says:

    I have a strong background in web development, but am new to mobile development. This would help me to break into mobile development by letting me leverage my current skillet.

  35. Eric Miller says:

    I’m new to html5 app development and found PhoneGap while investigating Spine Mobile. I could use a book like this to help me move my cheese away from .Net desktop development.

  36. Nidhish says:

    I am working on building cross platform mobile application development using phonegap from last month. Looks like the beginners guide from Lunny would give more tips and tricks for development.

  37. Christian says:

    Why I would like to win this book?

    First, I like to learn PhoneGap. I fiddled around with it a bit but did not get too far into it. I see it is a really great and convenient option to develop for different mobile platforms and have just one code base. Great stuff! And I need a little guidance for the next steps.

    Second, see above.


  38. sergio gimeno says:

    Id like it to start my own phonegap plugins

  39. Oscar says:

    I’m a PhoneGap noob who’s starting to learn this fantastic framework. How wonderful will it be to learn it right from a member of the PhoneGap Team who knows it inside out!

  40. I have a PhoneGap in my brain that only Packt Publishing can fill with a copy of PhoneGap: A Beginner’s Guide authored by Anuj Gakhar

  41. Vandana says:

    Well I just need it! 🙂 Very curious to learn about multi platform app development.

  42. DB says:

    Would be nice to have an evaluation copy of the text… for evaluation into our new curriculum!


  43. MNM says:

    I too would like to evaluate your text for addition into our curriculum.

    Best of luck!

  44. Pepinfarb says:

    I’ve used NimbleKit. Wondering how this stacks up against that.
    Since HTML5 is the next great thing, tools of this nature will be indispensable.
    I’d love to have a copy of this book for my tech library.
    I’d also love to collaborate with you or others to showcase what PhoneGap capabilities are, pushing the limits if possible.
    If you’re interested, maybe that will help making me a winner for the free copy!

  45. Raul Vejar says:

    I’m a fan of Rhodes, mainly because of the superior development tools. PhoneGap has better plugins and a larger community. Rhodes is very enterprisse oriented, so development of the framework is focused on enterprise needs. PhoneGap also seems to be growing faster too, at least there is much more buzz around for it.
    Overall they are very similar.

  46. Siddharth CT says:

    Open source is the call of the day !

    This novel idea helps incorporate interoperability in the mobile world . If we are provided with the software development kit that helps you develop one application that suits all the platforms what more can you expect ! this very fact about phonegap impresses me the most .

    I , being a student would love to experiment with something as good as this tutorial and am pretty sure i ll get to develop a lot of applications on this platform ..

    “write once and deploy it in any platform” – this is like a dream come true .

    Thanks a lot for the opportunity !

  47. Arief says:

    hi there, seems like every body put up a comment to have this Guide.

    So for my reason are to know better about phonegap, how to do a develop with phonegap,
    because there are not much sample code in the web, my guest is there are alot of sample code in the Guide, maybe i can use to build mobile edition of my site (
    I’m a web developer, so this Guide can possibly helping me with developing mobile site.

    Thank you for this, hope i can get the guide.

  48. dinesh says:

    Im an enterpreneur who own an ecommerce site..Im developing my skills to provide service to my clients..Moving to cross platform would be a gr8 advantage as a mobile app developer..So,I need this book badly..Thank you 🙂

  49. kiran says:

    I think this is the best bet you get if you win this book. I really really wish to win it.
    This is useful for me and my wife too 🙂 since we are working in this field.

  50. Simith says:

    PhoneGap solves a really big problem, for developing cross platform applications, already built my first app, looks nice,please send me the book i will write more 🙂

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