I recently installed Railo 4.0 on a standard Amazon Linux AMI using the Railo 4.0 64-bit installer and everything went fine except that on startup, Railo won’t automatically startup. Even after a re-install (to make sure I had chosen to start Railo at boot during the installation), nothing changed. I still was not able to get Railo to start on server reboot.

Apparently, this is a known issue with the installers (more details on this thread). This is a *nix only bug and works fine on Windows based installers. The solution is not very difficult at all. Just these 2 steps needed :-

  1. Copy the railo_ctl script from /opt/railo/railo_ctl (or your custom installation directory) to /etc/init.d folder 
  2. Run the following command to add this to server startup[xml]chkconfig railo_ctl on[/xml]

Hopefully, this will get fixed in the next version of the Installer but until then, this simple fix should get you going.

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2 Responses to Setting Railo 4.x service to start on boot on Amazon Linux AMI

  1. rad_g says:

    You can also apply user data when launching from an AMI:

    cp /opt/railo/railo_ctl /etc/init.d/railo_ctl
    chkconfig railo_ctl on

    This will execute as root.

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