GoDaddy Site Seal takes forever to load

On March 8, 2016, in Browsers, Miscellaneous, by Anuj Gakhar

On one of my sites, I use the GoDaddy Site seal and sometimes, it takes forever to load, causing serious damage to the page load times. It does not matter whether you put the code in the header section of the page or in the footer of the page, it won’t make a difference. It […]

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A simple TicTacToe game with AngularJS

On June 16, 2013, in Javascript, by Anuj Gakhar

This weekend, I decided to do a little practice project with AngularJS. I made a TicTacToe Game. Here are some notes about the game :- It’s a two player game, human vs computer. It uses NegaMax Search for computer moves. There are no DOM updates from the Angular controller (best practice). The controller simply changes […]

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Duplicates in a repeater are not allowed in AngularJS

On June 15, 2013, in Javascript, by Anuj Gakhar

AngularJS does not allow duplicates in a ng-repeat directive. This means if you are trying to do the following, you will get an error. [js] // the below will throw an error Error: Duplicates in a repeater are not allowed. Repeater: row in [1,1,1] key: number:1 <div ng-repeat="row in [1,1,1]">[/js] However, changing the above code […]

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AngularJS Directive for Google FastButton

On December 27, 2012, in Javascript, by Anuj Gakhar

In my latest project, I’ve been working on a HTML5 Mobile App for iPad and one of the things we wanted to get rid of was the 300ms click delay that Mobile Safari has. There is a reason for the delay to be there in first place, i.e. the browser is waiting to see whether […]

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