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On November 2, 2007, in Flex, by Anuj Gakhar

In one of my other blog posts, someone pointed me towards the Flex AJAX bridge as an alternative to using Flex ExternalInterface. So I went ahead and had a look at it.  Its currently in beta state and would need the Flash debug player to be notified of any errors etc while execution but apart from that, I think its an improvement over the ExternalInterface. As per the article, ExternalInterface has some limitations :-

  1. The ExternalInterface class requires you, the developer, to write a library of extra code in both ActionScript and JavaScript, to expose the functionality of your Flex application to JavaScript, and vice versa.
  2. The ExternalInterface class also limits what you can pass across the gap – primitive types, arrays, and simple objects are legal, but user-defined classes, with associated properties and methods, are off-limits.
  3. The ExternalInterface class enables you to define an interface so your JavaScript can call your ActionScript – FABridge essentially lets you write JavaScript instead of ActionScript.

I am gonna try it out soon and find out how good it works.

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