corrupt table null errors with Coldfusion

On February 21, 2008, in ColdFusion, by Anuj Gakhar

I was asked this question last night by someone who had recently upgraded from CF5 to CF8. Coldfusion suddenly started throwing these errors on almost all the websites on the server.

“corrupt table null”

There was no consistency in how the errors were being thrown, in a way that refresh the page and error is gone and refresh the page and there it is again. A restart of CF would help for a few hours but then the error would come again.

From the looks of it, the error is not very descriptive and immediately gets you thinking that your database has gone corrupt (which can panic most people). I had never seen this before so I was not sure what it was. However, a little search on Google brought up this page from Alagad website which talks about the very same problem. Turns out that Coldfusion 8 had an issue with query caching in conjunction with cfqueryparam attributes. So, the way I understand it, any query where you are using cachedWithin or cachedAfter and you are also using cfqueryparam in the query, might become a victim to this problem.

The proposed solution is to install this individual hotfix for this particular problem or install the cumulative hotfix which fixes this and several other issues as well. There is a discussion about this here as well.

The errors seem to have disappeared after the hotfix was installed, but whether they will come back or not, only time will tell.

So just a reminder that, if you havent installed the hotfix, its time to do it , to save yourself hours of panic.

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7 Responses to corrupt table null errors with Coldfusion

  1. radek says:

    So the lesson for today is? Always update your software to most recent version 🙂

  2. Joel Stobart says:

    ‘nuj – basically “upgrading” ColdFusion on a server is about the most reliable thing in the world. Every time I upgrade one it f**ks up. Its something different each time.
    If its a live server – its clean and fresh – every time 🙂

    – Joel

  3. Anuj Gakhar says:

    Joel, Thats right to some extent. However, Developing a application and maintaining the software on the server that runs the aplication are 2 different things. This one is more of a maintenance. I think CF admin should have some kind of reminders that there is something that needs to be upgraded. Thats kinda ideal for avoiding these situations.

  4. Anuj Gakhar says:

    @mgwalk, that is an updater for CFMX6.1 , I was talking about CF8 in my post and have posted the relative links to the CF8 updaters as well.

  5. Shaik says:

    Thanks for the solution Anuj…

  6. Thanks for the help. I will not discuss the details but you saved me today. Keep posting.

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