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On March 29, 2008, in ColdFusion, Flex, by Anuj Gakhar

Yes, thats right. I have just released some updates to It’s now got a 4th panel to it which lists the related links for the tag or function in question. The idea here is that, lets say you are browsing cfquery tag on the left panel, you should be able to look at the cfquery related links (ideally blog posts or other useful links specific to cfquery), right there on the right panel.

I think this adds more value to it in a way that you can look at the documentation and the “interesting” blog posts at the same time in the same interface. It would be really helpful to have these links “rated” and the most rated ones show on top but I would leave it like this for few weeks and based on the interest it generates, I would then later on add the rating feature. Remember, this is not a paid project, so I have to keep this development only to my limited free time.

At the moment, anyone can add links by entering a name and email address, and apart from some very basic validations, its straight forward to add a link. You just need to select a tag or function on the left panel (I have added a few in cfgrid to start with), and then on the right lower panel, fill the form in to add links. Thats about it.

There is no moderation at the moment but I will periodically do an exercise to remove any “non-genuine” links (not that I expect them but you never now), until I put some checks in place to validate a link (as in if it really is a CF related link).

So, go ahead and add links.

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