Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual

On February 1, 2009, in Mac, Books, by Anuj Gakhar

So, after being a MAC user for over 6 months, I finally decided to brush up my Mac skills . Till now, I have only been using some basic things like Firefox, Safari, iTunes, Eclipse, CF, SVN, and other basic stuff. Now, I want to go one step ahead and dive into the real power of Mac. Probably try and get used to the Terminal window.

Which is why, I just ordered this book : Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual . I have read the book’s reviews and it looks like a good book for beginners/switchers like me.  Anyone already read this book and can give me a heads up?

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4 Responses to Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual

  1. Larry C. Lyons says:

    Depending on your coding skills one good book for someone who is familiar with Java and starting on the Mac is Mac OS X for Java Geeks. The book is a bit old, the focus is on Jaguar, but most of the stuff in the book is still relevant.


  2. Anuj Gakhar says:

    @Larry, Thanks for your recommendation, I am not really from Java background, but otherwise the book looks interesting. Cheers.

  3. I didn’t read the Leopard version, but I bought the same book for Tiger when I switched in late 2006. I found it quite useful. You’ll pick up lots of little power user tricks that just aren’t evident unless someone tells you about them.

    I didn’t learn anything revolutionary, but all of the little things added up to make life a lot easier.

  4. Anuj Gakhar says:

    @Rob, glad to know you liked the book. I am looking forward to read it. Cheers.

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