Free Flex Builder 3 For Unemployed Developers

On April 4, 2009, in Flex Builder, Adobe, by Anuj Gakhar

I just read the announcement on Ben Forta’s blog that Adobe has decided to give away Flex Builder 3 to unemployed developers so they could use their free time to develop a new skill. Well, as much as I wish that no developer ever gets unemployed, given the current economic conditions, I think you cant really help it. I know some pretty darn good developers who are out of work these days. Having said that, even I will be looking for work in the next couple of weeks as my current assignment has only 3 weeks remaining on it.

So, Kudos to Adobe, for having thought of this and giving away free Flex Builder 3.

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6 Responses to Free Flex Builder 3 For Unemployed Developers

  1. eddie au says:

    i am jobless

  2. chen says:

    i lose my job..

  3. The free offer is no longer available.

  4. GetLives says:

    Flex Builder is still available at the official site here:

  5. marz says:

    Unemployed should be grateful somehow that there is developer offers free program for them-to learn new skill-It might be a good way for them to get a job soon!

  6. Jerome says:

    Thanks for sharing Marz!

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